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' Oct.2019
Tropics Business Summit
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TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT - ``Branding Africa As A Top Investment Destination``

The 3rd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT will fully implement the idea of « Extensive Matchmaking », integrate matchmaking session with exhibitions, forums and seminars and other major side-events. The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT expects to collect 100+ investment projects and arrange more than 25 matchmaking sessions as well as over B2B meetings. With precise industry segmentation, optimized matchmaking process, and the « Investment Promo Tour », the 3rd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT will continue to offer high-end delicate, interactive and exclusive services to professional investors, outstanding project holders and governmental promotion agencies of various countries, thereby further enhance project matchmaking results and negotiation effect.


[ Tropics Ambassadors ]

    HE Vincent Samba
    (Ambassador - France)

      HE Meta Nabou Cisse
      (Ambassador - Belgium/DR-Congo)

        HE Alexandra N’Ganga St. Germain
        (Ambassador - Belgium/Congo)

          HE Roger Franck Bemba
          (Ambassador - France)

            HE Cedrick A. Todwell
            (Ambassador - Kenya)

              HE Yolanda Mabuto
              (Ambassador - South Africa)

                HE Rachid Oumlil
                (Ambassador - Morocco)

                  HE Mohamadou Deme
                  (Ambassador - Senegal/France)

                    HE Nanan Akassimandou
                    (Ambassador - Switzerland)

                      HE Lorine Bozin
                      (Ambassador - Martinique)

                        HE Bertrand Nonga
                        (Ambassador - Cameroon/France)

                          HE Annie-Monia Kakou
                          (Ambassador - Cote d'Ivoire/France)

                            HE Boris Dehoumon
                            (Ambassador - Benin)

                              HE Dina Mendes
                              (Ambassador - Cape Verde/France)

                                HE Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters
                                (Ambassador - Miami/Nigeria)

                                  HE Elizabeth Traore-Andony
                                  (Ambassador - CEMAC Region/UK)

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                                  TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT
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                                  [ Speakers ]

                                    DR. RACHID OUMLIL
                                    Professor of Management, Digital & Innovation, ENCG - IBN ZOHR UNIVERSITY (Morocco)

                                      VANESSA PERUMAL
                                      CEO & Founder, JT COMMS (South Africa)

                                        YETUNDE TAIWO-SHORTERS
                                        CEO & Founder, ICY PR & ACADEMY (Miami/Nigeria)

                                          PHYLLIS MALOPE-MONDLANE
                                          President & Founder, PHILANI DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (South Africa)

                                            DINA MENDES
                                            CEO & Co-Founder, HD CONSULTING PARIS (France/Cape Verde)

                                              MOHAMADOU DEME
                                              Businessman, CEO & Founder, DEME AGENCY (Senegal/France)

                                                ALEXANDRA N’GANGA ST. GERMAIN
                                                CEO & Co-Founder, AULLYN COSMETICS (Belgium)

                                                  ONESIPHORE NEMBE
                                                  CEO & Editor in Chief, AFRIQUE PROGRES MAGAZINE (Morocco)

                                                    ELIZABETH TRAORE-ANDONY
                                                    Chair & Founder, CAPITAL MARKETS OPPORTUNITY LONDON (UK & CEMAC Region)

                                                      YOLANDA MABUTO
                                                      CEO & Co-Founder, DIVAINE GROWTH SOLUTIONS (South Africa)

                                                        NANAN AKASSIMANDOU
                                                        CEO & Founder, SIMKOOL NETWORK (Switzerland)

                                                          VANESSA MBENOUN
                                                          CEO & Founder, KAMAROUTES TRAVEL DESIGNERS (South Africa)

                                                            SRIMAL FERNANDO
                                                            Southeast Asia & SADC Specialist (India & Sri Lanka)

                                                              ADERINKOYE OLUGBENGA
                                                              CEO & Founder, ADUA IMAGES (South Africa/Nigeria)

                                                                NONTUTUZELA SEKUTLENG
                                                                Award-Winning Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur (South Africa)

                                                                  BERTRAND NONGA
                                                                  CEO & Founder, 7ENTERTAINMENT TV

                                                                    McKEVIN AYABA
                                                                    CEO, SOUTHERN AFRICA STARTUP AWARDS (South Africa/Cameroon)

                                                                      CEDRICK A. TODWELL
                                                                      Commercial Director, SISTEMA BIOBOLSA (Kenya)

                                                                        OLGA BALANGALA
                                                                        CEO & Founder, 24KARAT RESEARCH & PRODUCTIONS (South Africa/DRC)

                                                                          ROGER FRANCK BEMBA
                                                                          Strategic Leadership & Arts Advisor (France)

                                                                            DAVY KIALA
                                                                            CEO & Founder, ENTREPRENEURS FRANCOPHONES (France)

                                                                              Me VINCENT SAMBA
                                                                              Attorney, SAMBA LAW FIRM (France)

                                                                                VENICIA STELLE GUINOT
                                                                                Founding Partner, TROPICS GROUP OF COMPANIES (South Africa/Congo)

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                                                                                [ PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES ]


                                                                                We look forward to welcoming you at Protea Hotel Johannesburg Parktonian All-Suite for conferences and at the HYATT REGENCY HOTEL for our gala dinner.

                                                                                Protea Hotel Johannesburg Parktonian All-Suite

                                                                                120 De Korte Street Braamfontein, 2000 South Africa

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