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[Day 2 & 3 Highlights of TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT : Conferences & Business Networking]

Déc 2018

Day 2 & 3 Highlights of TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT : Conferences & Business Networking

Some of the top business brains from Africa and the rest of the world further afield at the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018, which took place at the Protea Hotel Parktonian in Braamfontein on the 17th and the 18th of October 2018.


This year’s theme “Accelerating startups in emerging markets through financial partnerships for inclusive growth and sustainable development” attracted various stakeholders in Johannesburg, South Africa to explore opportunities and to join hands with Entrepreneurs in branding the African continent as a top business destination.

The #TropicsBusinessSummit, one of the leading multi-platforms event which welcomes some of the brightest minds and most innovative Entrepreneurs from four (4) continents in South Africa, once again proved to be a valuable platform for all stakeholders. Over the year, and through the TROPICS BUSINESS MIXER, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT grows local and regional startups by giving them direct access to an international network of elevant partners, content, investing partners and mentors within their sectors worldwide.



Thirty three (33) countries in total took part in the 2nd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT which took place at the Parktonian Protea Hotel by Marriott in Johannesburg, South Africa. This high-profile multilingual business networking event featured conferences, workshops, exhibitions and insightful panel discussions between government representatives, entrepreneurs and academics from Africa, the diaspora and the rest of the world.

In fact, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is the only business summit on the South African soil which bridges the gap between all anglophone, francophone and lusophone markets. By eliminating geographical boundaries between countries, the Summit has progressively become one of the very rare multi-corporate and multi-geography focused business platform helping startups in emerging markets solve critical business challenges through disruptive innovation. The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT does this by engaging leading sub-Saharan startups with the goal to boosting emerging economies and simultaneously grow and scale pan-African startups quickly.



Some of the advice delegates and startups learned from the keynote Speakers included the following:


  1. Entrepreneurship is a combination of passion, vision, authenticity, audacity, and arguably, a dose of insanity.
  2. Entrepreneurs in Africa should not be compared to their counterparts on other continents because the U.S, Europe and Asia have a more mature ecosystem and there are many stakeholders (media, investors, corporate partners, developer, and early adopters) which support and fuel  the entrepreneurial process.
  3. In Africa, startups have even more hurdles and challenges; therefore an Entrepreneur in/from Africa is expected to work twice as hard and must be willing to defy conventional wisdom and walk a lonely road.
  4. The long-range economic potential and societal impact of new technologies are one of the few certainties in the decades ahead. Even in Africa, Tech companies continue to become a bigger percentage of the continent’s economy. Africa needs to increase the adoption of new technologies which will lead to rising startups.
  5. When communicating about their startups, African Entrepreneurs should keep it simple. People hear what they want to hear – depending on motivation and relevance.
  6. For African startups to become and remain successful, a lot still needs to happen. Successful African startup leaders will be the ones that remain in the perpetual pursuit of failing (vs. failure). In order to be truly disruptive, startups on the continent and in the diaspora must never hesitate to take risks, especially big risks.
  7. The awakening of Southeast Asian tiger economies should inspire Africa and strategic business synergies have the potential to boosting continent’s profiles. Africa is a region of young consumers, more or less ambitious governments and opportunities for investors. If continent-wide inter regional cooperation between Africa and Asia is too complex, then stakeholders could begin with Southeast Asia and most importantly booming economies such as Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
  8. Branding South Africa as a top business destination is very easy to do if we have strong and reliable media brands to carry the torch. Today, South Africa, if compared to the other BRICS nations, comes first in five (5) of the ten (10) criteria the World Bank uses to assess ease of doing business:
  • Starting a business;
  • Dealing with construction permits;
  • Getting credit;
  • Protecting Investors and;
  • Paying taxes.

These indices are reassuring to both foreign direct investors and instills confidence that the country is indeed open for business. More and more Pan-African investment companies are reassured that South Africa offers business-friendly environment where new trade, investment, and related economic interactions can be fostered.

  1. In terms of travel and tourism, South Africa ranks third in the sub-Saharan Africa region after Seychelles (first) and Mauritius (second) thanks to its many World Heritage sites, its rich fauna, its creative industries, and the many international fairs and exhibitions hosted. The latter can be interpreted as a strong selling point for the country, with communications implications.
  2. In Africa, media plays an important role in development communication through circulation of knowledge, providing forum for discussion of issues, teach ideas, skills for a better life and create a base of consensus for stability of any country. Communication a two-way process where messages flow both ways. Communication also refers to that use of different forms of media, such as print, electronic media (radio, television), new media, etc. Media in Africa should be used as an empowerment tool, i.e. it should be used as a tool to facilitate and encourage the participation of people in development activities.



Thank you to all participating companies who contributed to the overall success of this 2nd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT : TROPICS HOLDINGS Ltd. (South Africa), CREB HOLDINGS (South Africa/Congo-Brazzaville), MERiTS Investment Group (South Africa), TV5 Monde Afrique (France), Forbes Afrique (Congo), HD Consulting Paris (France/Cape Verde), ARIES Investissements (Congo-Brazzaville), 24Karat Research and Productions (South Africa), Backsberg Wine Cellars (South Africa), SACONO (South Africa), Philani Development Centre (South Africa), Nexcom Consulting (France), TEA Group Ltd. (Nigeria, Ireland and Germany), AlizeLaVie Corporation (New York/French Guiana), Africa Business Radio (South Africa), Business Day Newspaper (Nigeria), CNBC Africa (South Africa), Afrika Fourth Revolution (South Africa), Loba Magazine (Congo-Brazzaville), Startup Grind Johannesburg (South Africa), Google (South Africa), Africa New Energies (Namibia/South Africa), Jinda School of International Affairs – JSIA (India), eKASI Entrepreneurs (South Africa), Kamaroutes Travel Designers (Cameroon/South Africa), Nappertoir Properties (South Africa), Eco-Invader Solutions (South Africa), Apex Development (South Africa), ALSACE (Gabon/South Africa), Divaine Growth Solutions (South Africa), Nozibele Solutions (South Africa), Tropics Magazine (South Africa), YAYA Magazine (South Africa), AlizeLaVie Magazine (New York), Agro Karib S.A (Haiti), Veromo Enterprise (South Africa), Ubunye Creatives (South Africa), Sistema Biobolsa (Kenya), Rebeth Wines (South Africa), Femmes en Danger (Central African Republic/France), League of Companies (South Africa), Business Process Mechanics (South Africa), Grace Wallace Fashion (Togo/Benin/Burkina Faso), O’dellya Consulting (France), Mama Afrika Network (South Africa) etc.


For more information, please visit or send us an email to , or
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