The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign started by Addi Lang is about choosing how you LIVE your LIFE… Through the Dance of the butterfly Events, which host the Forever changed Documentary, you will change the way you live your life. 

Addi Lang's intention as a Cancer Coach is to inspire other Cancer Survivors and their significant others who wish to move forward with their 'new' lives post cancer treatment. It is her belief that this transitional phase provides a great opportunity to reinvent, renew focus, reevaluate one's life's purpose and forge a new direction. From her own personal cancer journey, she has a changed perspective and a different outlook. The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign is about creating the butterfly effect through the tipping point... How to live with cancer and how to prevent cancer.

Firstly, the campaign is about a warning to others to be aware of their own responsibility when it comes to choosing doctors and choosing cancer treatments in other words to make people stop and think before following blind.

Secondly for Ambassadors who have showcased the DANCE OF THE BUTTERFLY public events globally, have entertained and empowered people through the watching of the Forever Changed Documentary.

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