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[PAN Diaspora Capital Management joins the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018 as new Financial Partner]

Fév 2018

PAN Diaspora Capital Management joins the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018 as new Financial Partner


TROPICS INTERNATIONAL Inc./ South Africa – The ultra-exclusive business and networking event for African and International CEOs and Entrepreneurs emanating from various sectors is back in South Africa and has entrenched its support by welcoming the PAN Diaspora Capital Management on-board as new Financial Partner for the upcoming 2nd annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT.


The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT will take place from 16 to 20 October 2018 in Johannesburg. Initiated by three panafrican conglomerates TROPICS INTERNATIONAL Inc., CREB Holding, MERiTS GROUP, the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT (Conferences, Pitch, Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony) brings together CEOs, Directors, Human Capital specialists and HODs from across the world. The first edition attracted participants from fifteen countries and from three continents in total.

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT Founder, Ms. Venicia GUINOT, says the partnership between the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT and PAN Diaspora Capital Management is “a natural fit” as both organisations share the same core values around human capital management and the funding strategy of the Afro-Caribbean entrepreneurship genius.


PAN Diaspora Capital Management joins the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018 as new Financial Partner

As a thought leader in the Private Equity sector, Mr. Richard REMY, the President of PAN Diaspora Capital Management, with PAN Africa Network, an African Expert Network under its umbrella, have the expertise in hosting quarterly panel events in the U.S and Europe, with sporadic forums and trade missions in Africa. “In this light, his organization sets the standard for the start-up enterprises in Africa and the Diaspora,” he says.

The team of consultants working within the PAN Diaspora Capital Management seek to raise Equity and/or debt for an ongoing or start-up enterprises. More specifically, they work with a diverse portfolio of clients seeking a minimum of $10 to $20 million in Private Equity or venture Capital. Their pool of investors has a regional reach to Ghana, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. Territories such as Southern Africa, East Africa and Mauritius are also of interest.

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is hosting its upcoming 2nd annual in the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg, South Africa from 16 to 20 October 2018. The theme for this year’s conference is Accelerating start-ups in emerging markets through financial partnerships for inclusive growth and sustainable development. Visit for more information.

The co-organizers of the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT, Mrs. Loetitia Modzanga GAMBOLO OKOUNA (CREB Holding) and Mr. Sylvere CJ YOUMBAH (MERiTS Group), also welcome this new synergy. These are exciting times for TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT as the organisation ‘continues to grow, remaining adaptable, motivated and responsive’ to the needs of its members and partners.

The first-ever multilingual business gathering from Africa continues to thrive in the most challenging economic times through enduring partnerships with its key service providers, exhibitors, sponsors, NGOs and other business associations from the private and public sector. “This year, we continue to cement our partnerships globally with those who have made significant contributions towards building sustainable economies.”


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